The classically trained, young Hungarian singer, Rozina Pátkai found her true voice as a jazz artist. For the past five years she has been thrilling fans with her bossa nova infused compositions, earning honors at numerous competitions, Jazz and Fringe festivals throughout Europe.

    Rozina Pátkai was born in Budapest, Hungary. Her mother is Ágnes Tóth art journalist, her father is Róbert Pátkai aerodynamic engineer and entrepreneur. Her brother is Marcell Pátkai creative copywriter and her sister is Szilvia Pátkai psychologist. She has two children, Kamilla (14) and Panna (11) and her husband is Márton Fenyvesi guitarist, composer.


    After graduating from ELTE Trefort Ágoston Secondary School in 1997, Rozina was admitted to the English and Hungarian major at Faculty of Humanities, Eötvös Loránd University. She got her degrees in 2002 and 2008. In 2009 she enrolled in the jazz singing degree course of Etűd Music School and Conservatory and further on she has taught prosody there. Rozina has taught also at Britannica International School in Budapest and besides she was on the go as a journalist at UPC magazine. She has been leading her own jazz band since 2011 with which she has earned several international awards and national professional credits. Rozina has been working exclusively as a freelancer performer and composer since 2012. She launched her music project ’Minka’ in 2016. In Minka songs, she plants the classical and contemporary poems set to music by her into electronic musical environment. 

    Rozina started her fine arts studies under her first mentor, the sculptor Dezső Mészáros’s inspiration, in Théba Art School in 1997. Her first exhibition was held in ’Dongó Café’ in Katona József Street, Budapest in 2001, she documented her trips to London in the pictures. In recent years she makes photos, drawings and artwork, presented under the name ’Minka’. ’Minka drawings’ were displayed in Budapest Jazz Club in 2016, the exhibition was opened by the writer Zsófia Bán. This year her further works will be displayed in Debrecen, Noszvaj, Makó and at Night of Artefacts in Műgyűjtők Háza. In 2017, Rozina has been admitted to Intermedia Art programme at Hungarian University of Fine Arts.


    2015 Independent Music Awards (USA) - Jury's Prize for Best Latin Song 
    (Ai, Nao: music by Mátyás Tóth, lyrics by Zsófia Bán)

    2014 Indepedent Music Awards (USA) - Jury's Prize for Best Jazz Song
    (El Hombre que Yo Ame by George and Ira Gershwin)

    2013 Jazz Showcase, Place of Arts, Budapest, Hungary

    2013 Independent Music Awards (USA) Public Prize for Best Jazz Song
    (Voce e Eu by Carlos Lyra)


    2013 Made in New York Jazz Competition (USA) TOP 5 - finalist http://madeinnyjazz.com/top_5_vocal/ 


    013 Made in New York Jazz Competition (USA) Best Arrangement for El Hombre Que Yo Ame (arranged by Márton Fenyvesi)

    2012 Jazz Voices semifinalist, Klaipeda, Lithuania http://www.jazzvoices.lt

    2012 EuropaFest, Bucharest International Jazz Combo Competition finalist, Romania http://www.jazzcompetition.ro

    2012 Public Prize Veszprém Music Festival, Veszprém, Hungary http://www.utcazene.hu

    2012 Jazzy Song Competition finalist, Hungary http://www.jazzy.hu

    2011 Jury's Award Budapest Festival Fringe, Budapest, Hungary
    2011 Sell-out Show Laurel Edinburgh Festival Fringe Edinburgh, Scotland http://edinburghfestival.list.co.uk/event/254606-bossa-novas-and-more/

    2011 Best Duo Award Gödöllő Jazz and Popular Music Festival, Gödöllő, Hungary

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